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Engaged Sweeper III

We currently have 600 or so of the Wyse Xenith Pro's out there and managing them is a pain. These two SNMP snmpsets will likely help us a lot in the future so I wanted to share with anyone else who has to support these devices.

First you need to make sure you enable SNMP in the xen.ini config file. Just insert the following anywhere in the ini setting the communityname to whatever you'd like. The terminal will need to be rebooted to get the updated config.

Service=snmpd disable=no

Second you need to download SNMP tools from here - - and install them on a VM or your local machine. It will create a folder called c:\usr with a bunch of files. You want to go into c:\usr\bin and only copy the file snmpset.exe and paste it into your lansweeper\actions directory on the server.

Third you need to create a batch file with the following contents and drop it into your lansweeper\actions directory as I could not find any other way to get Lansweeper to prompt for input for the message.

@echo off
set /p wysemessage=What message would you like to send?
snmpset -v1 -c communityname %1 . s "%wysemessage%

Then configure the following two actions:

Wyse Reboot Device: {actionpath}snmpset.exe -v1 -c communityname {ipaddress} . i 0

Wyse Send Message: {actionpath}WyseMessage.bat {ipaddress}

I would make sure there's a confirmation prompt on the reboot device action as it immediately reboots the terminal without any warning to the user.

The message command looks like this to the user.