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This page describes how to add Chrome OS as a scan target so Lansweeper can retrieve data from Chrome OS devices.

Lansweeper can retrieve data from Chrome OS devices, such as Chromebooks, managed by your Google organization. 

For more information about Lansweeper's various scan targets, see the Scanning Guide.


 Add Chrome OS as a scan target

  1. In your Lansweeper site, go to Scanning > Targets > Add scanning target.


  1. Choose the scan server to configure the target from the dropdown list. 
  2. Under Select a target type, select Chrome OS.
  3. Select Add target.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Name: Enter a name to identify the target. Must be unique to the installation and can not contain "<" or ">".
    • Username: Enter a valid username. Must be an email address. 
    • JSON Key: Enter the JSON key created in step 4: copy service account ID and generate JSON key.
    • Schedule: Enter a scan schedule. Can be scheduled to run every few minutes, hours, daily, or weekly. It can also not be run on a schedule.
  5. Select Save and exit.

Scan Chrome OS devices

If you do not want to wait for the scan to run as scheduled, you can trigger it immediately.

  1. In your Lansweeper site, go to Scanning > Targets > All targets.
  2. Find your Chrome OS scan target, and select Scan.

View Chrome OS assets

  1. In your Lansweeper site, go to Inventory > Asset types.
  2. Select Chrome OS from the list. 

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