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Community Manager
Community Manager

As we approach the end of the month, here is a shoutout to our top Contributor over Spooky Season 🎃 🕸

@rader ! with 14 replies authored, 9 Kudos received and 3 solutions authored. 

😱 Do not Scream at this: Over 10 replies and solutions authored including Granular Email Alert Scheduling ,SQL Query Map Location

 🦇  It is fair to say, there will not be a Nightmare on Elm Street thanks to this user


👻No Ghosting allowed: Don’t forget to show your appreciation to Community authors, if someone provides a correct answer to your question mark the answer as “Accepted Solution”  

Thank you for your contributions and conversation. If you want to be featured, we're looking for quality contributions including starting conversations, replies given, solutions authored and more.



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