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Community Manager
Community Manager

As we continue to iterate and evolve our Community with your help, we'll be adding new features and functionality to make sure that you have a great user experience with our site.

This is just the beginning of many updates: For our first update -  we received feedback from some of our previous Community users that they missed ability to participate in more than one discussion forum. And so we've added a new discussion area for 'Product Conversations' to our Forum page, this is where you can now discuss specific product features or updates. We are also working on creating a separate area in the Community for Deployment Packages and I will share an update once this is live.

We have also added a 'News & Announcements' section to make it easier to find Lansweeper news and updates.The short video below covers the changes: Thanks again for joining the new Lansweeper Community and we'd love to hear more about what you think in this feedback thread.  

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