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This page explains how to view which vulnerabilities are currently affecting your assets, starting from either a specific asset or from a specific vulnerability.

Risk Insights has been greatly improved in version We recommend updating your installation if you are running a lower Lansweeper version to ensure an optimized experience.

To maintain a high level of security, assets need to be free of critical vulnerabilities. Knowing which assets are currently at risk and which are secure is essential. 

If you have linked your OT Hub with Lansweeper Sites, you can also view vulnerability information related to your OT assets. OT assets and IT assets are managed within the Risk Insights module.

Risk insights is available in Pro and higher plans. It is available for a limited time for all users to try it out. For more information on plans, check out the pricing page.

This article describes two ways to efficiently manage the vulnerabilities affecting your assets.

You can also identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in your environment through Lansweeper's Vulnerability API.

Starting from a specific asset

  1. Go to Inventory.
  2. Select the asset from the list. A summary of the asset is displayed.
  3. Select the Risk insights tab. Assets affected by a vulnerability will have the tab marked by a warning icon Warning1.png.
    The default view displays the active vulnerabilities with a high confidence score affecting this asset, but ignored vulnerabilities can be shown as well.
    Vulnerabilities affecting 3.png
To ignore active vulnerabilities, or reactivate ignored vulnerabilities, please follow the steps in this knowledge base article.

Starting from a specific vulnerability

  1. Go to Risk Insights.
  2. Select the vulnerability from the list. A summary of the vulnerability is displayed.
  3. Select the Assets tab. All assets affected by this vulnerability are displayed.
    Vulnerabilities affecting 4.png
Both active and ignored vulnerabilities can be selected to view affected assets.

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