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Champion Sweeper II

This a package to install silently Ultra vnc version


Go to UltraVNC website in order to download the installers.

If when you read this post is available a updated version, remmeber update the steps 5 and 6.

The package steps looks for the installers and config files inside {PackageShare}\Installers\uvnc

Customize your INI file

Before try to deploy the first time, you should install manually UtraVNC in your pc and customize your VNC settings:

%programfiles%\uvnc bvba\UltraVNC\uvnc_settings.exe
*Remember change the password.

After that, copy your customized ultravnc.ini inside {PackageShare}\Installers\uvnc

Mirror Driver (for better screen connection)

- create a folder named MirrorDrivers inside {PackageShare}\Installers\uvnc
- go to to download the mirror drivers, they are zipped.
- unzip them, then just copy the OS subfolders named as vista, vista64, xp, xp64... inside the folder {PackageShare}\Installers\uvnc\MirrorDrivers, after that should look like {PackageShare}\Installers\uvnc\MirrorDrivers\vista etc..

VNC viewer

To connect to a VNC Server you need a VNC viewer, in the steps 9, 10, 11 I manually delete the viewer because users may not need it, but you can remove this steps if you want to keep the VNC viewer. You may like to use Real VNC viewer