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OUTER APPLY when building reports in the SQL editor

This is probably a thing which should be valid but currently is not. The OUTER APPLY when using SQL can be extremely useful especially if you want to manipulate data returned in the reports. Instead of having sub select statements (Which causes more ...

dman by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Reporting on Mapped Drives

I'm looking for a way to report on all my devices mapped drives in my environment, but I want to exclude specific drive mappings that are standard.  Essentially finding users who are "going rouge" and creating their own shares that we do not know abo...

Looking for a report for Local users created in AWS

Hello and TGIF.I am looking for a report that would show Local Users that were created in AWS.  For instance:  a user account called NOC_user is created in AWS.  Then that account is assigned a Key\Secret (like a username and password).  I am looking...

dlafleur by Engaged Sweeper II
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Computers Missing Folder\file report - Help Needed

Great Afternoon !  How are you ? Great I hope ! i am trying to run a report that list computer assets that DO NOT COTAIN the folder\file noted in the tblFileVersions.FilePathfull Like statement. I used the ='False' argument however the reports shows ...

tasutton by Engaged Sweeper
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