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Public Cloud Inventory - Join our Research Program

Hi everyone, As you may already know, Lansweeper acquired Cloudockit last year, a product that enables you to analyze your public cloud environments and get relevant information about the health of your cloud resources, whether it's your cloud busine...

Julien_P by Product Team
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Feedback - Microsoft Store app scanning (v9.3 and higher)

Starting Lansweeper 9.3, we introduced Microsoft Store app scanning, which also scans the MS Store apps on your Windows client assets.We’re very interested in getting your feedback on this feature.Can you help us improve Lansweeper by sharing your fe...

Gilian by Product Team
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Update issue

I updated from version to but it still shows the old version number. How can I fix it?

Lagator by Engaged Sweeper II
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New release! LsAgent Linux (

Hello everyone,Lansweeper recently released a new LsAgent installer for Linux (version, available for all of you!This release:We have added the option to reduce scan file sizes, making the scan process more efficient.We have fixed the issue...

Lansweeper Emission Tracking

Hi, Anyone knows if its currently possible to track Emission impact per device (laptop etc) in Lansweeper?We are searching for some tool for this, but it only makes sense in my opinion to add that into our main inventory system (Lansweeper)