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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi Lansweeper Community! I’m Cassandra Lloyd here at Lansweeper, and I’m excited to share that COBUS Systems, an IT solutions provider based in Germany, is using the Lansweeper + Timly integration to create a single source of truth for all corporate asset data – including up-to-the-minute IT asset data – in one location. Thanks to the integration, the two platforms automatically synchronize, ensuring the IT asset data remains current and consistent, which saves significant time and resources for the team.

Using the Lansweeper + Timely integration, Cobus Systems has been able to:

  • Eliminate error-prone Excel spreadsheets for managing IT asset inventories
  • Improve response times to addressing vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues
  • Boost efficiency and ensure business continuity for COBUS internal and external clients

This synergy between Lansweeper and Timly not only improves operational efficiencies, it helps to ensure compliance, enhance security, and optimize asset utilization. 

Head of COBUS Systems, Dennis Werner said, “If detecting rogue devices, vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues before they become a problem can help you manage risk, you first have to eliminate the blind spots. The Lansweeper + Timly integration is the first step to delivering these outcomes.”

👉 Check out our integration. Feel free to share your feedback and questions here!