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Champion Sweeper
I'm unsure what derives the system ChassisName, but we have several devices that are not laptops but are reported that way. Admittedly, they are kinda slow computers, I'm assuming it may be based on the CPU that is in them. I'm guessing there is no way to change how it is being reported, so I'm curious how to handle it for reports and am looking for ideas. I want to run reports that DO not include mobile devices, so no Laptops, netbooks, etc, but I DO want to include these machines that are reporting as laptops but they aren't - something like != 'Laptop' ...except if the name includes xyz.
Champion Sweeper
Just an update: What I ended up doing in this case was dividing it by OU.

I thought I had the puzzle solved initially. I was just going to only show devices that had a batter, but I found when I added the tsysportablebattery table, it eliminated everything without a battery even without any criteria, so that didn't work for me.

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