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Detect Docking Stations

Hi does LS detect Docking Stations?Surely if it can detect monitors when it runs the scanning, it could detect the docking stations as well.

Disable Port Scanning

Is it possible to disable certain port scans within LanSweeper?  Like for an example, in our environment we don't need LanSweeper scanning port 23 on our assets. ICMP PingPort: 21/TCP (FTP)Port: 22/TCP (SSH) or a custom SSH port of your choicePort: 2...

Wishlist : Adjust/fix location displaynames

HelloWe're happy Lansweeper users, keep it going We have to deal with one annoying point though, the frenzy display on the location maps (on premise)!Context : we're used to fill the asset relations table in order to keep track of the asset affectati...

Selmar-FR by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper Queue Stuck Randomly

Hello, everyone. How are you doing?My lansweeper's scanning queue is getting stuck randomly. Sometimes it tries to scan offline assets :In the case of the picture above, the 'processing' asset is an offline asset, and i have to wait the triggering of...

Lansweeper_CLK_0-1663781941385.png Lansweeper_CLK_1-1663782041129.png Lansweeper_CLK_2-1663782516946.png

Resolved! Lansweeper on Kali Linux.

Hello all, can I install Lansweeper on Kali Linux? I would be grateful for help.

Kate by Engaged Sweeper
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How to install the app

Hello all, I need to connect to a remote computer, for this I am trying to install Teamviewer on my Mac. Can you please tell me how to install and configure Teamviewer? And will I be able to work with Lansweeper on a remote computer?

Janet by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Scanning Methods

Hi Folks,I would like to be able to scan the active directory user path at least once per hour (ideally every 30 minutes). At the moment, it looks like I can only set it up for once per day. Other than configuring multiple scan schedules for it, is...

Let us hear your feedback about Diagrams!

Hello everyone!We recently announced at the LS360 User Conference that our team is currently working on integrating diagrams and new ways to visualize your assets in Lansweeper Cloud. And we'd love to hear your thoughts about these new capabilities!W...

Certificate Scanning taking a long time to scan

Just installed Lansweeper 10 and started our initial scan.  Noticed Lansweeper was taking a long time to complete  device scanning. When I looked at the Scan Time of devices that completed, I noticed that the certificates Scan Time was taking ~9,000-...

ml by Engaged Sweeper
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MiTel VoIP Scans

I keep getting a scan error that says: LinuxCommandNotFoundCommand not found: SudoAnd I loaded the private key directly from the server.This is a new instance of Lansweeper on a new server. I have the same credential on a previous server and it work...

Compatibility Lansweeper V7 vs V10

Does anyone have experience with the compatibility of Lansweeper V7 Scanservers vs a Lansweeper V10 instance (SQL DB, Web Console)?I'm planning of updating my old (but very stable ) Lansweeper V7 network, having 56 scanservers. Some of them are still...

Hendrik_VE by Champion Sweeper II
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How could we improve the management of custom fields?

We have an open survey to collect feedback on the management of custom fields. Do you want to influence the improvements of this functionality? This is your chance!Share your opinion about this functionality through this survey.


**** IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ **** Hi All, We have been made aware that unfortunately some of you have received spamming private messages within the last 3 hours. We have escalated this to our Platform provider & Security team to investigate and take ...

CiaranC by Lansweeper Employee
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Lansweeper Cloud Webhook - 500 Internal server error

We have connected our Lansweeper cloud to Service now. But the Webhook keeps on disconnecting. There are 200-OK successful updates but the Lansweeper will disconnect and won't connect back if it received/got a lot of 500 Internal server errors.Is the...

mjdelacr by Engaged Sweeper II
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Deploying Microsoft Store Apps "offline"

Hi guys,We have disabled the Microsoft Store in our whole domain.Now I have received a request to install the Translator app from microsoft, which is only available in the store.I checked the internet if it's possible to download some kind of install...

MakeBug by Champion Sweeper
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