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Engaged Sweeper
Hi, Everyone! We're considering implementing Lansweeper. One of the inventory requirements we have is the ability to define a kit, and to change the location of this kit. Asset Groups looked like a good way to define a kit, but is there a way to change the location of an asset group without having to change the location for each of its members? Or perhaps there's a completely different way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Champion Sweeper
One possible way to manage this would be to use asset relational mapping.

Create a manual asset ie: 'kit1' and use asset relational mapping to link the members of a kit to that manual asset 'kit1'.

You can define custom relational maps so making an asset relation called "part of" can be done.

To cover off the location you can then update the location field in the manual asset of 'kit1'.

There is a built in report that lists all assets and any relation maps in place (Assets: Asset to asset relations). You can then run this report and filter down to asset name 'kit1' (or just 'kit' if there are multiple setup) and it will list those assets and the children assets of the relation.