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Engaged Sweeper

I have 1500+ devices in "undefined" and no clue how to find the page where i can manage the "IP locations" or define any of them. I've searched the KB and forums and there appears to be nothing to assist a first time user. i am on the web GUI version and need to know how to "Add IP locations" so that i can assign assets to them.

I found one post from 7 years ago with a totally unhelpful response... pretty well lost in the maze of word salad that passes for a GUI. 


Champion Sweeper III

I generally press 'config' on the IP Location widget on the main page.  Tip:   if you want to have multiple subnets for a single IP Location name, you can add the subnet range and name them the exact same name.

2024-03-13 13_41_31-Main page - Lansweeper.png