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Engaged Sweeper


We're just starting with setting up our Lansweeper scanning server and are still working in a test group.

Although we are currently only scanning +- 60 devices with the LsAgent, i already have some unwanted results.

  1. When the  user works from home with or without VPN, we receive their scanning results (which is good). However, this also scans their personally owned hardware such as monitors.
    We as a company are not owner of these assets and we do not want them to show up as assets as we have a license on asset level. In a company of +2000 people and half can work from home, that will give a lot of unwanted assets...
    Is there a way to exclude these assets? Note that we do want to scan the devices itself when on VPN as we have technicians running around globally. But we do not want to scan their peripherals when on VPN.  We do want their peripherals when working from within the office.
  2. We also notice that Docking stations are not detected as an asset. I know i can filter on USB devices, but apparently not all models are detected this way. Currently we can only find the Dell D6000 Docking station.
    others such as Dell WD19S or Dell WD19DCS.
    Is there another way to detect Docking stations? Or why are they not seen as an asset?

Thank you in advance for 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ArnoDemarcke please reach out to our support team to look into this further Contact Support - Lansweeper IT Asset Management

Engaged Sweeper

In regards to the docking stations, the newer ones like the WD19 will not show as a device themselves as they are not shown as a device in Windows. These types of "docks" are just essentially adding additional ports to your device.

thanks for the info. This doesn't really help me but it's good to know 😀