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Scanning Server Requirements

I have been using Lansweeper for several years now and couldn't live without it.I would like to replace the server it is running on. I'm scanning about 8000 devices across 30 different physical locations. I currently have one scanning server at our s...

Asset Management Types

Good morning, I am struggling to understand how I can group assets by type (laptop, desktop, server, thin client, etc.). If I try to change Asset Type from 'Windows' to Laptop (or Desktop), LS throws an error that I cannot change the Windows type. Ri...

SJ3ff by Engaged Sweeper
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I cannot install

it is asking me for a trial key which I did not receive and it won't let me contact support. This product and company are already beyond frustrating

Mikeo by Engaged Sweeper
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Linux partition information includes temp partitions

Hi, I've just noticed that linux assets are shown with partition information for temporary partitions - which is a bit misleading as they're not 'real' partitions in any meaningful sense. I think it would be very useful if these could be excluded (e....