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Engaged Sweeper


I have been using Lansweeper for asset management in my environment, currently running on version Recently, I've added 2 new Domain Controller (DC) servers that are intended to replace the old DC servers in our setup.

Could someone provide advice or detailed steps on how to properly integrate these new DC servers into Lansweeper, ensuring that the transition from the old servers is smooth and that no data is lost in the process? Specifically, I'm looking for guidance on:

  • How to remove the old DC servers from Lansweeper's configuration.
  • The best practices for adding and configuring the new DC servers in Lansweeper.
  • Any specific settings or considerations I should be aware of for these new DC servers to ensure they are fully compatible and functional with Lansweeper's latest version.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Engaged Sweeper

I am following this thread , I have very similar situation