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Engaged Sweeper
I've made a very basic package to WOL.

1. Check for 32, if successful, install 32.
2. Check for 64, if successful, install 32.
3. Install 32, stop if fail/successful
4. Install 64, stop if fail/successful

"Result: Deployment ended: No returncode. Package was stuck at step #1. Stop(Failure)."

"OS Architecture Is 32 bit" is on the first step.

Why does is fail on step 1 if all it's doing is checking OS arch?
Running against run of the mill Win10 1903 workstation, 64bit.


Honored Sweeper
We are only updated to 1809 as 1903 still fairly new. Works ok on 1809. Do you have any 1809 machines you can test on? Maybe its an issue with 1903 which can be reported to support to resolve if that is the case.

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