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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Track your assets and their health with Lansweeper and PRTG
Integrating PRTG and Lansweeper, using native capabilities of both, provides administrators with unrivalled insights into the status, health, and performance of their technology assets. With minimal effort, admins can immediately produce detailed reports on all aspects of the hardware and software they are responsible for. Asset lifecycle and ownership can be tracked from acquisition to disposal, with associated costs being tracked across the organisation. This serves to:
•           Increase visibility, eliminating blind spots and revealing assets you didn’t know you had
•           Boost productivity by simplifying record keeping and reporting
•           Improve security posture by identifying risks and highlighting vulnerabilities
•           Reduce costs by revealing needless expenses, supporting budget decisions and efficient resource allocation.

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Champion Sweeper III

I don't think there is an official guide, I think the only thing official is setting up custom sensors in PRTG to grab stuff from Lansweeper.

I do a lot of things that aren't supported, so I'm hesitant in telling you how...     BUT...    here's what I do:

PRTG to Update Lansweeper Classic:   CURL call to PRTG API, download JSON results to file, SQL stored procedure to import JSON file and update LS records accordingly.

Lansweeper Classic to update PRTG:  Powershell, PRTG module, sqlserver module...  query custom report via SQL View SELECT, pass appropriate fields to PRTG via powershell module commands.  

Champion Sweeper

I'm struggling to locate a guide for integrating PRTG with Lansweeper. Has one been prepared? The only guide I can identify to be remotely relevant is the third link you had provided.


Additional Information/Resources:

If it hasn't yet been consulted, we recommend the video tutorial for integrating PRTG with Lansweeper Cloud:

The application will need to be created in Lansweeper first:

This gives you an "Identity Code" that you can use to query Lansweeper API, and you can use it in PRTG PowerShell script. This application needs to be authorized to read reports results (in other words, the report needs to be exposed to this application).

For more in-depth questions regarding the integration, please get in touch with our partner Paessler. You can contact them here: or

More information may be available via the following webpage:

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