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Engaged Sweeper

I previously was on Lansweeper version, and gradually most of my Windows machines stopped logging to the server, even thought LsPush would complete successfully.

Today I just upgraded the server to version thinking that would help.  The upgrade was successful, but still do not correct the issue.

I then went ahead and deleted all assets, ran a scan from the server, and it found all IoT and Linux devices, but no Windows machines.  I then tried running LsPush from a few Windows machines, including the server, and all succeeded, but still did not register on the server.

The one thing that I notice about running LsPush is it seems to run slightly fast when it is not logged to the server.  Other than that, I am at a loss as to what to try next.

All Windows clients are using the latest LsPush.exe.

Are there any logs, either in Windows or a file somewhere on the client that I can look at for any clues?

Engaged Sweeper

User Error.  A couple weeks ago I went to exclude a couple Windows devices in Scanning Exclusions, but ended up excluding them all.

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