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Engaged Sweeper


Is it possible to scan for printer passwords using Lansweeper? We are looking for a solution to ensure all printers have passwords and I was hoping Lansweeper could help. These are the passwords on enterprise printers that allow administration access. We use HP and Xerox printers. 



Champion Sweeper III

Maybe.  Lansweeper can scan and identify and inventory printers and obtains standard information on them such as make, model, serial number, consumable status, page count, and others.  For more granular or information specific to a particular model, sometimes there are files that map other things (.mib files).  Lansweeper can browse those files and you can look through data that is possible to get... maybe there might be a yes/no information on if access is password protected, that you can report on.  No promises though...   I'm curious now, can you provide a make/model of one in question?  Also, worse case scenario is to check yourself -  Lansweeper finds them all, and you select the printer, hit 'https' action, and it pulls up a browser and you log on to it and quickly check the setting.  That would take about 4 minutes per printer... you could add a comment to the asset once you verify or fix, that way you can make a report showing printers where there isn't a comment saying 'protected' for example... so you'll get an email alert if a printer comes online that you haven't  verified.