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When is RemoteDeployment_x64.exe installed/updated?

Is the LSDeployment folder and RemoteDeployment executable installed the first time a deployment is made to a node? And is the executable updated to the latest version on future deployments?We are current with the latest version of Lansweeper, 6.0.1...

apap by Engaged Sweeper III
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Can we integrate SCCM Remote Control Viewer?

We use Lansweeoer for most management tasks, but we are also using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to manage updates and software deployments. SCCM is certainly very comprehensive, but Lansweeper is just really more usable for those day-to...

jim_barr by Engaged Sweeper II
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Ticket types - Inspiration? Share your work?

Hi. Anyone interested in sharing their ticket types as I need some inspiration on how to make them useful.Right now I only have some inspiration from and

CHRLAU by Engaged Sweeper III
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E-Mail Settings

Hallo together,i have a short question regarding email settings. If I respond to a message from a user I automatically got an email. But all outgoing email templates are disabled. Does anyone know where I could configure this settings?Kind RegardsMar...

mart1n by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Antivrus showing as disabled.

Every day when my daily scan runs, I get at least a handful of PCs showing up on the AV disabled report. When I rescan them, I they almost always disappear from that report.I know the AV is enabled because I have watched my AV server console to see i...

Port mappings not updating on v.

Port mapping on switches are still not updating on v. Status of port is reported properly, but the attached assets do not update. Is there still open work against this issue?

lmf by Engaged Sweeper II
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Incomplete Software List

I am demoing LanSweeper v6.0.100.29. I've been working through getting everything to scan and that's going pretty well.I've been reviewing the results of these scans and have noticed that scanning for installed software has an issue. I have Acronis W...

MrBob by Engaged Sweeper III
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Knowledge Base html link anchor

Unless I am doing this wrong, is there a way to make link anchors in KB articles? I have a hefty KB article with multiple parts and I want to make a table of contents and link that to sections in my KB. I am running into the problem with the id= port...

jkrelic by Champion Sweeper
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