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Engaged Sweeper

I've evaluated lansweeper last year and got financial approval couple of days ago. 

Did another trial just to be sure that all we need is there, and noticed that the interface is now completely different and is lacking some features which weren't previously there, one of which is WoL.

Can someone confirm if this feature, along with the others you could push in the previous version are still there? Don't want to commit to anything before being sure that all (most) of the features that were in the previous version are there.

Thanks in advance

Lansweeper Alumni

The Lansweeper installer currently directs you to a cloud site as your primary user interface, which provides access to cloud-only features such vulnerability insights, operating system and hardware end of life, etc. depending on your license agreement.

WoL is available in the on-prem web console, which can be enabled still, as described here:

Since you've trialed in the past though, you could also return to an experience that might feel more familiar to you by installing Lansweeper Classic instead, as detailed in this article:

(TLDR: run the installer with the /classic parameter in CMD)

Using classic, you will still be able to sync with cloud and make use of the previously mentioned cloud-only features.