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Engaged Sweeper II

have updated office 2016 software on my computer and the asset has been scanned and synced with the cloud, the security insights list still lists last successful scan for that machine BOSS5810 as 4 days ago?

Product Team
Product Team

Hi @Adri ,

As Iain explained above, it depends on having all the elements updated, so the scan and NIST update frequency, but our internal vulnerabilities calculation is currently triggered once a week during the weekend. Consider this functionality is still on preview, so we are currently working on reducing the calculation frequency. 

Feel free to contact us and we can schedule a direct discussion to solve all your doubts regarding our vulnerabilities module.


Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Currently, the time is a little difficult to define as its based on frequency of scan, amount of data and the update frequency from NIST.  I will however say its not quick enough and is measured in days, and the target is hours (lot of optimization going on).

Again thanks for the feedback.


PS.  If you want to have a direct discussion just send me an email via the community (i see 3 notes, so a 30 min call might be worth while)  

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