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Engaged Sweeper
Dear LS, thank you for your messages about the changes and choices you made as a company.
And thank you for an excellent product i enjoyed using, but there is no way these new conditions are acceptable.
I will start, again, using alternatives that scale to my wishes and budgets, like lansweeper once did.
Worst case scenario for us now is agreeing to the 750€ for next year and migrate to something else in that time, because i do not trust the price next year to remain 750 and suspect it will be pushed to the regular starter fee of 2000€ unless we use  sso or asset tracking that is, then it's 4k€? No matter how much i like the product, that decision is insane. 
You had what we need so we happily payed for it. Now you changed the conditions for use in a very illogical way and with little to no respect for your lower tier customers, claiming it's for our 'growth'. Whoever came up with this sales pitch is out of touch with a large part of the customers and also with the real world environment of (non-profit)organisations and their ict grow paths or needs. 
Still, all the best, kind regards
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi Mark, 

Thank you for the feedback!

It's great to hear you're happy with the value Lansweeper has brought to you, we definitely would love to keep bringing you this value and even more in the future. So let's address your licensing concerns over a video call, as I couldn't help but notice some of your concerns are based on assumptions that are not applicable or need further clarification. Which we'd love to assist you with.

Therefore, would you mind sending me a direct message with your email address and some available time slots?

Thank you in advance!