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Engaged Sweeper III
This bugs me as long as I'm using Lansweeper. When working with several Tabs, deploying Software to more then one machine at the same time, this is what happens:

Browser used: Vivaldi, but happens in Firefox too. What to do to reproduce the bug:

To reproduce the bug: open several computers/assets, each in its own tab (in my example: ED-659, ED-723, ED-732, ED-805). Now, on EACH tab, click one time "Deploy Package" and choose a software to deploy. Then check the "Deployments" section to actually see what happens.

As you can see, instead of deploying Firefox one time (1x) to each computer, the deployment gets executed more then one time for each computer!

Couple minutes later:

This might be a visual bug, because usually if you "really" execute more then one deployment within a short time frame, theres something like a "we are already deploying on this machine - paused" message.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
We are sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your Lansweeper installation. If you want to deploy a package at multiple installations at once, we would recommend going through the Deployment\Installer Packages page, select the deployment package and click on the Deploy Now button where you will be presented with the option to select multiple assets at once, run the deployment based on a group or on a report.

Additionally, using Vivaldi as your browser for Lansweeper is not recommended. We only recommend using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as browsers. Further on, from the screenshot we are able to see that you were running Lansweeper version at the time, there have been a lot of fixes since then and it is not entirely clear to us if you are currently running a more recent version. If you haven't already, we would recommend updating your Lansweeper installation following the steps in this knowledge base article.

Lastly, if you would encounter an urgent issue or when you do not get a reply on a topic on the Lansweeper Forum, you can always send in an email to as email is the preferred method of contact for urgent inquiries.
Engaged Sweeper III
Totally going to renew my license soon, if people can't even make acknowledge of a bug.
Engaged Sweeper III

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