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Engaged Sweeper
Since we have Lansweeper monitoring everything on the network, we would like to be able to use a USB scanner with the Bar codes or QR codes that Lansweeper can generate and be able to check out and in devices for single day use. things such as ipods.

If this is already available, please let me know.
Engaged Sweeper
I would rather have it as a feature in Lansweeper. custom code and custom apps are only good if the person that created them is still with the company.
Champion Sweeper III
It depends on what exactly you want to achieve and how far you're willing to go.

We currently don't have an API for our asset management part, so if you want to edit the user of an asset, edit a custom field or add a user relation (might be the best solution since this will keep a history off all users) then you'll have to write some code to execute a database query.
If you created the QR codes using asset IDs then you'll be able to get the asset's ID from the last part of the link (obtained from scanning the code). For example: http://servername:81/asset.aspx?AssetID=60

To create an asset user relation you'll need:
  • The type of relation you want to add (check tsysAssetRelationTypes for all possible types)
  • The asset's ID
  • The user's username
  • The domain name
An example query: INSERT tblAssetUserRelations (Username, Userdomain, AssetID, Type, Comments) VALUES ('johndoe', 'lansweeperdom', 60, 12, 'Checked out by John Doe')

Alternatively, you could make use of the ticketing system. Though a minimum amount of code will be required here as well. You could create a ticket to keep track of your assets, a ticket for each asset, or even add assets by using the Ticket API. More info can be found here.