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win32_volume class into the lansweeper service scan

I konw I can always run this in powershell like below but it would be nice if I could also get free space from the mount points in the database by adding the win32_volume class.$TotalGB = @{Name="Capacity(GB)";expression={[math]::round(($_.Capacity/ ...

njordur by Engaged Sweeper III
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Deployment Organization

It would be nice if you could create folders under the package options for organizational purposes. When you start getting a lot of packages or similar packages it would be nice to be able to group them in a folder.

Niley by Engaged Sweeper II
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Applications and Services Logs

Can LanSweeper collect information form the Applications and Services Logs in event viewer. Specifically I am want to collect info on event 8004 which is related to Microsoft BitLocker and shows when a program is denied execution. Thank you,Lance

lance321 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Custom action logging

I'm looking to implement logging of my remote control custom actions for the purpose of generating reports on how many remote sessions have taken place in a given period. I'd like the end result of this to be a report including how many remote sessio...

silnocus by Engaged Sweeper
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Options for popup window when hoover

Additional options available when the mouse hoovers over an item. For example, the ability to rescan one computer instead of bringing up the item page. Telnet, SSH, http etc. would be helpful. Thanks.

Carl527 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Online/Offline indicator choice (name or IP)

Currently the online/offline indicator for PC's is set to use NetBios name. Could this be selectable to use IP instead?Unfortuanatly our remote sites do not DNS desktops, and do not run WINS. So 3000+ desktops have the red indicator.

MrVal by Engaged Sweeper III
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Deployment: Prompt for credentials

The current options for supplying credentials when deploying scripts or software are limited. We have users that need to be able to deploy to computers, but not servers. We need a way to limit the ability to deploy to just computers. This could be do...

abarker5 by Engaged Sweeper II
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