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Engaged Sweeper II
While Lansweeper has made great progress in the Helpdesk reporting, I believe a report showing the raw notes entered into a ticket would be the last feature to make the Helpdesk reporting to be able to stand alongside it's competitors.

For example, the report "Helpdesk: All tickets whose current state is not closed" would be perfect if it had another column called "Notes" or "Description" that would show the first note in the ticket.

This CAN be accomplished by using the line below:

(Select Top 1 htblnotes.note From htblnotes
Where htblnotes.ticketid = htblticket.ticketid And htblnotes.notetype = 3
Order By As Description

But the output is funny and has HTML tags, making it non-printer friendly. The only way we have figured how to make it work is to email it to ourselves, which Outlook will render the HTML correctly, and allow us to copy that out into a word document to either convert to PDF or physically print without having a document full of HTML tags
Engaged Sweeper
Until this "WISH" comes true, I have tried the suggestion to remove HTML by exporting to CSV, exporting to XML, and Pasting the report with Notes directly in an email to myself. However Outlook doesn't "render the HTML correctly" using any of these 3 methods. What's the trick?