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Engaged Sweeper III
I haven't reviewed this screen in a long time and noticed significant improvements were made. I would like to make some suggestions to make it even better. Keep in mind that so far, LanSweeper has detected 1,300 software on our network and that number will only continue to grow!

1. Instead of clicking on the circle repeatedly to get the right color and in my case doing this 1,300 times….I would like the ability to manually select a group of entries and assign them a rating in a few clicks.

2. Please group newly discovered software at the top of the listing (since the last update).

3. For a lot of software, the total installation count is low (less than 10), so I would like to see where the software is installed by hovering the mouse cursor over the number count. You can set the maximum entries that will be displayed to be the first 20 entries. Seeing where the software is installed can have an impact if it is approved or denied.

4. How bout adding another software category (color: yellow) for "Questionable" or "TBD".

Great Product!

Lansweeper Alumni
We have added your feature requests to our customer wish list, but do not currently have a release date for them. Item #1 is somewhat possible already. You can perform a search for specific software packages and hit the Approve All/Deny All/Unrate All buttons. We may allow you to manually select software in a future update however.