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Engaged Sweeper

I hope this is the right place to ask this 😊

We have a few old computers which were used in the past and then lay in the cupboard for a long time. In Lansweeper, the assets were cleaned up in the meantime because the devices were no longer online for a long time.

Some of these computers have now been put back into operation. They are online, enabled in AD and I can access them with the Lansweeper test tool. However, they no longer appear in the list of assets.

I couldn't find anything like that, but is there a reason why the devices could be missing in the list of assets? Are they hidden internally in the database or something like that?

Champion Sweeper II

If you didn't disjoin/remove the computer from the domain prior to putting them into storage, there's a chance that the computer object in AD lost the trust relationship with the machine.  I'm no expert on that though, but I've seen that happen.  A quick test would be to unjoin/rejoin the PC to the domain - that should make a new AD computer object, and then Active Scanning should pick it up.

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Community Manager

Thanks for picking this up, appreciate it!

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