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Engaged Sweeper II

First of all, congratulations on how nice LANsweeper is.

I was looking for a way to give a certain Active Directory group access to a defined group of assets, users, ip-range. (VIEWING ONLY)
Currently I have only found a way for them to access the website in viewer mode only, but they are still able to see everything. (which is too much)
I know it is also possible to make a report (query) to give the results of what I would like them to view, but it does not limit them to only viewing that information, they can still decide to view everything else too.
(example below of what I can do)
Website role based access

Example of what I would like to do:

Create rights for Active Directory group:
Company\UK\Human Resources

They have VIEWING ONLY access to:
Assets with assettype = Windows or Monitor
Assets within a certain ip-range (or asset group)
Users in group = Company\UK

If possible I would also like to make their dashboard for them, they would have no edit rights.

Thank you in advance.
Engaged Sweeper II
Coping comments from another post..

We looking for the same functionality and are confused on how this could be complex to implement now that the help desk functionality is out.

Lansweeper already has a method of user restriction built in via relational mapping. The 'Used By' mapping allows that user to attach an mapped asset to a ticket but not see any other assets not related to them. See image...

Expanding on that functionality, we created an additional relationship type named 'Managed By' and link users to assets under this tag. The intent is to correlate non-IT staff with systems that affect their department and documents on our end who to contact. Unlike the 'Contact' field, you're able to assign multiple people, if needed, to an asset. Staff can then create tickets and attach any assets to them that we've designated are 'managed by' them.

Being that this method is already built in, ideally you would only need to add an additional tab under the user facing helpdesk page (for designated users) to see a list of assets they managed. We already have reports built on this criteria (user relation mapping) and are able to pull info out of any table. Of course this all in a report format but the functionality is there.

Lansweeper is an amazingly built product especially with the full access to and documentation of the tables, so that is were we are confused on complexity of creating a limited view of a particular asset page.

Biased off of what is already built with 'Access Management', ideally users could be allowed to..
View assigned assets
Add Comments
Add Asset Documents
See open tickets on that asset and past tickets.
Be notified when a new ticket is create for that asset (possibly with a filter based on ticket type)

Additional functionality would ideally include
Fine grain control of editing certain asset fields.
Fine grain control of what info they can view on the asset
Engaged Sweeper II
We are waiting for this as well....
Engaged Sweeper II
Just wondering if there are any progress on this feature?
Engaged Sweeper
almost 2 years...
Engaged Sweeper II
Still waiting for this feature. Are there any news regarding it?
Lansweeper Alumni
There's no news on this yet, unfortunately. We don't have an estimated release date for this feature. 6.0 added a fully functional help desk and dozens of other new features, but this particular feature presents some technical challenges and hasn't been implemented yet.
Engaged Sweeper II

Really wanting to use this as an enterprise solution, but not being able to limit which IT teams can see what assets is a major hurdle.

Any news of an update? Really disappointed it didn't even get limited functionality in v6.
Lansweeper Alumni
We don't have an estimated release date for this yet, unfortunately.
  • The only way to limit a specific user group's access to specific assets is to set up a completely separate Lansweeper installation (database, scanning service, web console) for this group, which only scans authorized assets.
  • If your Lansweeper database is installed under SQL Server, it is fully open to external interfaces and you build your own console to only list specific data. This is not something we can provide instructions or support for however.
  • You could perhaps deny certain user groups access to the web console and keep them up-to-date with report alerts instead. You can create specific reports for specific groups, which only list assets authorized for those groups.
Engaged Sweeper II

Is there news on this topic?
If development for this has not been started is there a way we could program something ourselves to make it work in the way I described?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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