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Engaged Sweeper
In the past our IT dept as been accountable for software compliancy audit and remediation of any discrepancies. This has been a difficult task to near impossible task to manage for the 4K+ users base that we have. Secondly we have had no control over software purchasing as every dept controls their own budget and is allowed to buy any software without the involvement of IT. Given the most recent audit is requiring a great deal of work with high executive visibility we are making some process changes internally where all software purchasing will go through our IT dept. This is a good and bad change for us and poses some challenges we've not had address thus far.

We are new to Lansweeper and have found value in the product so far. If I can get away with not adding another system to our infrastructure that would be very advantageous for us. I am wanting to use lansweeper to manage this process and as I understand there isn't a native function in lansweeper to do a mass import of software license, orders.

Can you help me with an example sql insert script to get this data into the database?
Lansweeper Alumni
We do not currently provide support for importing software licenses unfortunately, or script writing in general. In a future release we will likely add an option to import licenses from a spreadsheet, but we do not currently have a release date for this feature. (At the moment, you can only import assets.)