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The database size had not been checked or noticed in some time, 3 - 6 months, but when it was checked yesterday the db size was 9.3GB.  A previous check saw the db size to be ~300MB.  Since the backend is SQL Server 2019 Express, there's a hard limit of 10GB.  I ran through the steps on  Both Truncate logs and Shrink ran in order.  Each ran for a second and the db size remained near 9.3GB.  Next, Rebuild Index was ran and it is still running.

So while Rebuild Index is running, a few extents were checked:  Yesterday the mdf was ~9.3GB, today it is 10.5GB; clearly over the limit and probably grew because of the running reindex.  A SQL script was used to determine the offending tables; the largest tables are tblSoftware at 6.06220245361GB, tblSoftwareHist at 2.36783599853GB, and then the next biggest table is tblServicesUni at 207.718750MB.  Vast amounts of software have not been recently added to any computers; only installs of existing software.  Some updates like Chrome, Solidworks, Adobe, and other standard network updates.

Can anyone tell me how or why the db grew so much in such little time?  Also, how can I stop the reindex and then pare down the offending tables?  Help!  Pretty much dead in the water!


Honored Sweeper II

It's abnormal size - create support case! 

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Honored Sweeper II

It's abnormal size - create support case! 

Honored Sweeper II

I suggest you to upgrade sql to std edition

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