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Accurate Network Topology

It would be nice if the scans on a switch report the switch that it is connected too instead of just "Uplink." Currently we must look at the ports of each switch and manually enter the information. I understand that this occurs because multiple MAC'...

WING987 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Exclude monitor types

Hi,is it possible to exclude from scan spicific type of asset like some brands of monitors we do not want to scan ? It is because we are scanning home monitors of people and we only need to scan Acer ones.Thanks

npigeon by Engaged Sweeper
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So close to providing IPAM capabilities

Aware that Lansweeper only records info on devices that return information, but sure it would not take much to provide IP Address management capabilities offered by third parties. Unscannable devices could be added manually and the ability to track a...

JonG by Engaged Sweeper III
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New asset state "Replaced"

Hi,I also wrote an email to the support team, but will put the request here for general discussion.Here's the request:it would be very useful, if an asset could get a state of „Replaced“. It would be even more useful, if there would a be possibility ...

Folders Reports

Ask for the possibility to organise reports in différents folders in LS interface.

Guilhem by Engaged Sweeper III
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