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Engaged Sweeper
I have a few asset reports that I would like to try to create but I will start with this one. I would like to create a report that only shows an asset if it has a child assigned to it. The child asset will show up in the report also, perhaps directly under the parent.

For instance, I have a Surface Pro that has a receipt printer connected to it. The Surface Pro is an asset and the receipt printer is a separate asset. The Surface Pro has a relation in which the receipt printer is assigned as a child of the Surface Pro.

Does anyone know if such a report already exists, and where to find it if it does? If not can you suggest sample query to do this. Any ideas is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Engaged Sweeper
Thank you David.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
This question was sent in via e-mail as well. From Lansweeper version 6.0.100 and onwards, there is a new built-in report called 'Assets: Asset to asset relations'. This report can also be found here.

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