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Engaged Sweeper
Good afternoon all,

Hope you're keeping well?

We have a requirement to confirm that all clients and servers in the business are upto date with the latest version of our AV.

I know Lansweeper has the two reports 'Servers without anti-virus software' and 'workstations without anti-virus software'.

Is it possible to:

A) Have it so that both servers and workstations are included in one report (rather than one for each).
B) Be able to edit the report to update the build number so that it flags up any workstation/server where the build version is no 'XXX'?

Any help would be appreciated.

Honored Sweeper II
A) Copy either the server or workstation query and delete
And tblDomainroles.Domainrolename In (...)

from the WHERE clause.

If you want to know which machines are of which class on your new report, add tblDomainroles.Domainrolename to the list of columns on the report.

B) Assuming the build version you're referring to is the OS build, add tblAssets.BuildNumber to the report. Potentially more usefully, you might prefer tblAssets.Version; that's the 2004, 1909, 1903, 1809, etc. that the versions are better known by.