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Engaged Sweeper
I couldn't find it anywhere on here.

I need a report that scans one server and checks if a process is not running.


ServerA needs explorer.exe to be running in the task manager. The report should populate that ServerA does not have explorer.exe running. If explorer.exe is running, the report should have no result.

Is this something lansweeper is capable of and if yes, can someone assist me with it?

I tried below but it claims assetname is an invalid column.

Select tblAssets.AssetName, tblProcesses.Caption
where tblAssets.AssetName = 'Server' AND tblProcesses.Caption = 'Process.exe'
Engaged Sweeper
Well, I tried <> and that just shows all processes other than the one I want.

I ended up just saving this report as a chart for now and placing it on the main page.

Hopefully, someone will eventually be able to assist me in making the report do what I need.
Engaged Sweeper
I figured out the issue. I had to select the names from the search box. For whatever reason, it didn't like them typed.

Select Top 1000 tblAssets.AssetName,
From tblAssets
Inner Join tblProcesses On tblAssets.AssetID = tblProcesses.AssetID
Where tblAssets.AssetName = 'Server' And tblProcesses.Caption =

I need this to follow what I wrote above. To be blank if true and populate if false. This is so I can setup an email alert when it is false.