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Engaged Sweeper

i have a custom report with a complex SQL Statement. Now i want to change a little thing. When i click edit this report i see the editor with the standard SQL Statement. How can i see the correct SQL Statement?
Honored Sweeper II
I queried LANSweeper support about it when I noticed the same behaviour after upgrading to v7 and was advised: increase the performance of the report builder in some cases, we changed the way the report builder retrieves a list of all available fields and columns from the Lansweeper database. While this used to be a dynamic process, this is currently based on a static .xml file which contains the available Lansweeper related tables and views.

As the default query is being shown when editing an existing report, we assume that the original query makes use of custom tables and/or views that are no longer available by default in the report builder as these custom tables/views are not included in the .xml file.

To resolve the issue in this case, you can do one of the following:

  • Using the ConfigEditor.exe tool, add the following key to the website configuration and set the value of this key to 0: AQBuseXML. Additional information on the ConfigEditor tool can be found here: This setting will again allow the report builder to retrieve the information dynamically from the database. Note that, as this may cause performance issues, we would suggest only temporary activating this option. Once the report is altered, you can revert the option back to value 1.
  • Manually update the .xml file which can be found in the following location: Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\App_Data. Note that if a new version or Lansweeper is released with a new database schema, this new .xml file will need to be updated to.
  • As the report itself is a view on the Lansweeper database, you could also change the view directly on the database by making use of MS SQL Server Management Studio (or a similar tool). The name of the view can be found in the link that is used to run the report in the Lansweeper Web Console.

For those of my queries that I couldn't simplify enough to make the editor happy, I've taken to just editing them through SQL Management Studio.