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Engaged Sweeper

I wanted to generate application inventory by region. I would appreciate if anyone could help.
Also how do I generate reports so that Lansweeper will only return one result per application(not different versions of it)
Lansweeper Alumni
Software names are scanned by Lansweeper from the registry and mimic the add/remove programs list. If this scanned software name returns a version number, it is because it is stored this way in the registry. This means it's not realistically possible to generate a report with a list of distinct software names without version. It's possible to get a count of installed software though, but this will be per unique software name, and this includes the version number for most applications.

Instructions for adding this report to your Lansweeper installation can be found here. If you are interested in building or modifying reports, we do recommend:
Reviewing some SQL tutorials, as the Lansweeper report builder is a standard SQL editor. If you know SQL, you know how to build Lansweeper reports as well. This seems like a good tutorial.
Making use of our database dictionary, which explains in great detail what each database table and field stores. More information on the dictionary can be found here.

Select Top 1000000 tblSoftwareUni.softwareName,
Count(tblAssets.AssetID) As [Number of Installions]
From tblSoftware
Inner Join tblSoftwareUni On tblSoftwareUni.SoftID = tblSoftware.softID
Inner Join tblAssets On tblAssets.AssetID = tblSoftware.AssetID
Group By tblSoftwareUni.softwareName
Order By tblSoftwareUni.softwareName,
[Number of Installions] Desc