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Engaged Sweeper
Is there a report that I can run to find the amount of files and/or space consumed by said files? I am going to need to transfer these files to SAN space from local PC's, and need to allocate storage space. Corp says 120G for 1600 pcs... extremely low and want to verify. I'm looking for user created documents, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, PDF...etc. Any help would be appreciated!
Engaged Sweeper
For some reason my security team wants a report of all .jse files on all servers.
To make sure I understand correctly, lansweeper can not do this, right?

What are other good methods to do this?
Engaged Sweeper III
Do you have a backup system for the host? Often time such things are easier to query from there.
Champion Sweeper
This would require information that Lansweeper simply doesn't scan. Lansweeper can scan files, but you need to be able to tell it exactly what file to scan, it cannot search for files or file types. It also cannot scan folder information. To do this type of thing you would need a different way of collecting the information.

Personally I would likely write a script to scan this information and write it to the registry so that Lansweeper could collect the information. But that's a bit of a process.

However, speaking on just the technical side of the question, 120GB is far, FAR, to small for 1600 computer/users worth of documents. Storage is cheap, and explaining to users time after time that they have to keep their network folders clean is time consuming and therefor expensive; not to mention pretty much impossibly frustrating for both you and the user. If you're talking 120GB per user, that's more than adequate.

Take this with a grain of salt since I have no idea what documents your users store, but in my experience users have no concept of storage space or what a file size is. This is why you will find 5GB PowerPoints with 10 - 500mb images in them with resolutions of 4000x3000 (but resized to 100x75 so they can fit all 10 on 1 slide). I would make an argument for at least 2 - 4 TB.