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Engaged Sweeper
I need assistance creating a report that displays the following:

1: User name
2: Last time the users logged into their computer

We fear that our users aren't shutting down their computers at night, and this report would indicate that to us.

Thank you!
Champion Sweeper
you can do this with a vbscript.

here is the code;

' List last logon times
On Error Resume Next
sObjects = Split(sEnterDCs, ",")
Set oDomain = GetObject("WinNT://" & sObjects(0))
oDomain.Filter = Array("User")
WScript.Echo "Showing last login times of accounts from: " & oDomain.Name & vbNewLine
For Each oDomainItem In oDomain
sUsrLogin = oDomainItem.LastLogin
If UBound(sObjects) >= 1 Then
For ii = 1 To UBound(sObjects)
Set oUsr = GetObject("WinNT://" & sObjects(ii) & "/" & oDomainItem.Name & ",user")
If oUsr.LastLogin > sUsrLogin Then sUsrLogin = oUsr.LastLogin
End If
WScript.Echo "Username: " & Left(oDomainItem.Name & Space(22),22) & "Last login: " & FormatDateTime(sUsrLogin)

In line 'set oDomain = GetObject("WinNT://SAVILLTECH")' you should change SAVILLTECH to your domain name.

You can run it from CMD or export it to a file with the next command;

C:\> cscript userlogin.vbs > lastlogon.txt

Hope it fits your needs.

sample output:
Full Name=Maria Aala (DIS 120 inactive)Last login=27/05/1999 14:44:24
Full Name=Paul J AaronLast login=16/08/1999 13:01:56
Full Name=Hany A AbbasLast login=23/08/1999 13:25:46
Full Name=Tony S AbbittLast login=27/08/1999 15:07:20
Full Name=Adnan AbdallahLast login=16/07/1999 10:34:58
Full Name=Tony AbelaLast login=21/07/1999 10:43:20
Full Name=Juan Claudio AbelloLast login=25/06/1999 11:15:32
Full Name=Marie J B AbreyLast login=07/09/1999 08:00:34
Full Name=Philippa AbsilLast login=07/09/1999 06:33:18
Full Name=Ace Test account for NetID - Alistair PurvisLast login=28/01/1999 07:5
Full Name=Chris AckermannLast login=07/09/1999 08:21:20
Full Name=Curtis S AdamsLast login=10/08/1999 12:32:02
Full Name=Helen R Adams DIS user left 27.8.99Last login=02/08/1999 08:52:58
Full Name=Michael Adams Dis 4.6.99 NMFLast login=03/06/1999 08:50:10
Full Name=Philip R AdamsLast login=14/06/1999 12:49:00
Lansweeper Alumni
I don't think the report will help.
Active scanning scans the user logged on at the time of scan.
Even if they keep their workstation powered on you will still see a newer date.