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Engaged Sweeper III
Does lansweeper have the capability to report on the driver version of a NIC? I need to find out if all of my laptops of a certain model are all using the same wireless NIC driver version or not.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Driver scanning has now been added to Lansweeper: https://www.lansweeper.com/updates/introducing-lansweepers-2022-spring-launch-aymon/#h-windows-driver-scanning
Engaged Sweeper
Dear Daniel,

the Problem is , we need the Information which Driver is installed on the Device ( Nic ) , and there could be different Version be avaible on the Server but not be aktive on the NIC , so your provided Solution makes sense maybe on a Workstation where you have only one Nic , but not on a Server with different Nics ( for example we have Hyper-V Server hier which have 10+ Nic Interfaces and have seen that Problem )

So a Report "per Nic / Driver" would help alot

Lansweeper Alumni
You could use custom file scanning in order to do this.

  • On a computer which has the driver you are interested in installed, open the Device manager
  • Open the properties of the network adapter you are interested in
  • Open the tab Driver, click on Driver Details
  • Here you see the driver files with their full path. Note down this path
  • In Lansweeper, go to Configuration\Custom Scanning, section File Scanning
  • Hit Add files to scan. Enter the full path of the driver files you are interested in and confirm.
  • Rescan all computers
  • Go again to Configuration\Custom Scanning and open the report next to the driver file you have entered. The file version will be displayed for every computer on which this driver file exists.