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Engaged Sweeper III

Would it be possible to create a report stating what language a computer's office has? I tried looking at the version number, build number, and some other parameters but found nothing.

I would need something to differentiate our french office from our english... If it helps we only have Office 2007 in both french and english versions.

Engaged Sweeper III
Found a better key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Common\LanguageResources
SKULanguage is the actual key that had the information. It's still 1036 in french and 1033 in english...

The other one was returning a "registry access denied" error. I guess accessing to HKEY_CURRENT_USER is not the best hive to go, and HLM is one of the two keys that is accessed by a shared registry by default so less errors with this one.

guess that's that.
Engaged Sweeper
This page shows the language identifiers for Office 2010. As far as I can tell the values are the same for older Office versions:

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Engaged Sweeper III
I found a registry key that has this information I think... the UILanguage dword at this location seems to do the trick.


That's for Office 2007. Office 2003 has 11.0 instead of 12.0.

French language value is 1036 and english is 1033. other languages have other values, look for Language ID according to Microsoft (I know these two by heart, so no link sorry)
Lansweeper Alumni
I think your best guess would be to scan for a file or registry key from this office version.
Most likely the French registry files will have a french description somewhere