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Engaged Sweeper II

There is a report + Patch Tuesday reports. Sometimes Windows updating is broken. It's hard to keep all Windows machines up to date. For example some PCs are green or yellow in the first report but they don't have latest Cumulative Update. Can Lansweeper help with diagnosing this? Would it be able (in some future release) to get error codes from Windows Update client?

Ideally I would like to see two reports mentioned above combined into a single one + some additional information that would help us determine why updates are not installing on some PCs.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

The report you mention looks at tblQuickFixEngineering.InstalledOn and the colors are based on how old the date stored in that field is.

 You can add the InstalledOn field to the patch tuesday report to get the last installed patch date. You will then also need to use a Group By for all the non-aggregated fields.

 Max(Convert(date,tblQuickFixEngineering.InstalledOn)) As lastPatchDate


Engaged Sweeper II

I know, this one is easy. But the main topic was about getting some more info why the updated are not installing.

You have to parse windows update logs to define root cause.