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Engaged Sweeper
Hello, I am trying to find or make a report that while similar to the built in Printer Status report shows to level of the maintenance kits, fusers, etc when they get below 15%

In fact it could show everything except the toner levels and I would be happy.

My plan is to have this report emailed to the IT Department Monthly.

Thank you
Honored Sweeper II
Take a look at tblCustDevPrinter. Fusers, maintenance kits, etc. are lumped in there with toner and ink, so you'll need to do a bit of filtering, but you should find what you need in that table.

If one of the existing printer consumables reports is close to what you're looking for, you should be able to use that as your base and just filter out toner, ink, thermals, etc.

If you want an idea what to filter for, this should get you going:
SELECT Distinct Tonername
FROM tblCustDevPrinter
Tonername NOT LIKE '%toner%'
AND Tonername NOT LIKE '%cartridge%'
AND Tonername NOT LIKE '%ink%'