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Engaged Sweeper


I am using the custom registry scan to see the value of DisableFileSyncNGSCRegistry scan.PNG

I created a deployment based if the value equals 1. This works. When I run a deployment, it changes the registry value to 0. This is working. It has been tested many times.

What my issue is I have this registry scan set to scan every day. However, even is the value of the registry has been fixed and set to 0, the report is out of date and still showing a value of 1.

This has been setup for a few weeks now and the values reported are still incorrect. I am also only looking at the devices that have an up to date last connect is current. Is there a way to refresh this data?


Thank you,


Engaged Sweeper

Hi Hendrik_VE, Thank you for the response. For the registry, the scanning interval is set to 1 day. When I look at the tblregistry.lastchanged I can see when the value changed, but I can't tell the last scan time. from what I can see is the lastchanged isn't matching to the day the I made the change. I think I may have to put in a support case to see why the chages are being picked up.


Regards, Scott

Champion Sweeper III

Have you checked the "Scanning">"Scanned Item Interval" for 'REGISTRY'? I don't know what the default value is, but I have set the refresh interval to 0 (this means, scan always).

Furthermore, you could add tblregistry.lastchanged to check when the value has been last updated.