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Engaged Sweeper

First, I'm not liking the new layout or functionality of the forums.  I lost my previous account and I know I've posted and "Kudos"-ed several times in the past; this new layout is really hard to navigate for simple information and reference....simple is always better.

Second, I'm trying to edit the built-in report as listed in the title, to show the disk space each guest is allocated vs. how much it's using.   Ultimately, the end goal is that the "higher-ups" on Executive Row want a listing of the VM Guests we have along with their raw data space.  The built-in report is very robust with the information they need, sans the disk space.

I'm not sure which tables to add to get it to work.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing a potential solution @Mister_Nobody 

Hi @CrippleZero I appreciate the feedback on the new forum layout  - definitely timely as we are exploring new ways to distribute and classify topics, it would be great to chat with you to discuss your thoughts in more depth. Regarding retrieving your previous account -  I might be able to help, I will drop you a message with more information.