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Engaged Sweeper II
Does anyone have a report that will tell you how many devices are found on each of your scanning target subnets? I currently have 686 subnets being scanned and i believe some of them need to be deleted.

Champion Sweeper
Ah.. but...

This is weird….

Scanned a subnet –

This subnet has an associated IP location of “Server Hosts VLAN 10 Data VLAN 10”

Which now has 3 machines in it.…

BUT Lansweeper in the All Assets screen has 111 assets identified with 10.161.129 as the first 3 octets…

Most of these (all but 3) have the ip location of ‘undefined’ even those that LS ids as Windows Machines…

What’s occurring?
Champion Sweeper
Exactly what I was looking for!
Engaged Sweeper II
This is a great report. Thanks for posting it. I was able to eliminate 132 subnets! I still have a concern that I am scanning subnets with no Assets and they aren't apart of an Asset group.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
If you create an IP location per subnet you could run the following report will give you a count of the amount of assets in an existing IP location. More information about IP locations can be found in this knowledgebase article: https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/117/grouping-assets.html

Select Top 1000000 tsysIPLocations.IPLocation,
Count(tblAssets.AssetID) As CountAssets
From tblAssets
Right Join tsysIPLocations On tsysIPLocations.LocationID =
Group By tsysIPLocations.IPLocation