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AD User report

Hi folks,Been using a number of OOTB reports but would like to play a little more with more what is available for AD auditing, I am looking for some reports that can show me the following.User accounts last known login.User accounts that are enabled ...

Physical Disk Size

Hi,I have found reports but they show me the volumes/partitions sizes. I only require the complete physical hard drive size.I require a report that shows me the below. Please assist.AssetNameModelIP AddressOSPhysical Disk Size

Mk786 by Engaged Sweeper
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PC Build Report Missing Software

Hi,I'm trying to write a report to monitor the quality of our builds during our Windows 10 Refresh, we have a list of "Standard" Software and for each Windows 10 Asset I want to have Yes / No for each Software Application to identify whether or not i...

Andy_Sismey by Champion Sweeper III
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Calculate your network's computing power

The report below will calculate an estimate of your network's total computing power based on the information available in Lansweeper. You can find 2 reports below which can be used depending on the Lansweeper version you are using. The Lansweeper 6 r...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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Assets Missing Quickfix Data - Last 60 Days

The code below displays assets that haven't received patches (quickfixes) in the last 60 days. However, assets that haven't received any patches are missing. How can I include the logic 'tblQuickFixEngineering.InstalledOn = NULL' to the query below?S...

TimH by Engaged Sweeper III
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Software : changes last 24 hours Enhancement

Hi AllI'm trying to use the software changes last 24 hours report and noticed although its tracking windows software it doesn't track the operating system when that updates. Is there a way to report on this either with all the other software changes ...

Dass by Engaged Sweeper
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Helpdesk: Time worked per agent, this month (Built-in)

Added in v.6.0.100The report below lists the sum of the time worked values per agent that was added in the current month.The report will only list users that meet all of the following criteria:The time worked is added to the note of an agent.The time...

Nick_VDB by Champion Sweeper III
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