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Engaged Sweeper
Hello everyone,

I have a new installation of Lansweeper, the current config looks like this:

  • Automatic scanning of all assets is disabled except printers.
  • All workstations are scanned through LsAgent

There is an issue that some reports show the same assets twice and I can't understand why.
On "Windows Domain Overview" the count is right.
Same with "Asset Type Overview", the count is right.

"Windows Domain Overview"
"Asset Type Overview"

But for example on a built-in lansweeper report "Workstation: Antivirus disabled" it dublicates.

Antivirus disabled

Same with my custom Teamviewer ID report that I got from here:
Teamviewer ID on Lansweeper

Eg. there is 68 workstation assets, but report shows 75 of them. I used this query and registry configuration multiple times and it seemed to work fine before.

Temiewer id

How comes? Is there a way to fix this?

Champion Sweeper III

Are you sure its duplicating, so the Anti-virus report is giving you details of the application for both Sophos and Defender as you are running both, if your not interested in Defender you could add an exception?

What sort of results do you get with one of the basic reports :- Workstation: 64-bit Windows